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Take apart a flashlight into four separate pieces (base, bulb/lens, & 2 batteries). Choose 2 people to be the "grogs" and give them the pieces of the flashlight. Have them hide the flashlight pieces around the facility, but in plain sight. Turn off all the lights. The grogs will then try to tag people. The rest of the group...
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This game involves the entire crowd. One person acts as the Caller, who calls out certain commands. After a command is called, everyone in the audience must get in the position with as many people as they need that follows that command. The game is an elimination game, so the last person (or few students if you have a...
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This is our youth group's aggressive version of duck duck goose.Parts needed:1 foam noodle cut in half (you'll use both halves).1 5 gallon pickle bucket or trash can.How to play: Have everyone stand in a circle but have them face towards the outside of the circle. Choose two youth to stand inside the circle, where the bucket is located....
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This game is a combination of hockey, soccer, and football. You will need two teams, two goals marked out, and a ball.The basics of the game: You start the game out with the ball in the middle and one person from each team at the ball or "puck" in the center. On "go" they have to use their hand...
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Materials:Bible trivia questions2-4 twister matsBibles to look up tough questionsInstructions: Divide the room into a boys' side and the girls' side. Each team has one or two twister mats (depending on the group size). Have each side pick three players for each twister mat. Get the players in position by spinning the twister board four times (right foot red,...
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Can use regular dodgeballs.Setup: Give each student two glow bracelets that are the same color, onefor each wrist.Teams: Each team is based on the color of their bracelets. For an additional team, one team can have mixed colored bracelets.Play: Then play dodgeball without boundaries and lights off. Everyteam for themselves.Rules: Get hit, you're out; if your throw is caught,...
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