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Bible Trivia Twister


Bible trivia questions
2-4 twister mats
Bibles to look up tough questions

Instructions: Divide the room into a boys’ side and the girls’ side. Each team has one or two twister mats (depending on the group size). Have each side pick three players for each twister mat. Get the players in position by spinning the twister board four times (right foot red, left foot green etc.). Then have a youth leader call out the Bible trivia questions. The non-twister mat teammates have to yell the answer before the other team answers. If the boys’ team gets the right answer, then the girls’ team has to move positions (if right-hand blue, etc is called, all the girls move right-hand blue), and vice versa. Whichever side has the last person standing is the winner!

Added by Jessica Starling

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