Logistical Crud

Our LOGISTICAL CRUD page is not for the faint of heart; it’s loaded with resources that are administrative in nature! If words like “policies" and “procedures" and “application" make you wince, you’ve started in the right place. This outline will list and explain the documents that The Source for Youth Ministry offers on its LOGISTICAL CRUD page. To help you find what you need, the resources will be grouped by purpose.

All of the resources are saved as WORD documents. Feel free to save them to your computer and edit them to fit your specific need.

Hiring/Managing A Youth Pastor


Sample Youth Ministry Job Description
This document explains the basic functions of a youth pastor. It has a list of qualities and skills a youth pastor should possess, plus it outlines the basic tasks required for a solid youth ministry.

Sample Job Interview Guide
This document is designed to be used by church committees who’ve been tasked with hiring a youth pastor. It lists specific and insightful questions the committee should ask the candidate during the interview process. (This guide works in tandem with the Youth Ministry Job Descriptionabove.)

Sample Questions to Ask the Church Hiring You 
This document explains “The Delicate Art of Asking Questions When Being Interviewed"

Sample “One Year" Youth Minister Evaluation
This document is to be used by the person to whom the youth pastor is responsible. It offers a succinct way of gauging the effectiveness of the youth pastor across three different spectrums of responsibility. (This document works in tandem with the two listed above.)

Sample Youth Ministry Model
This in depth document covers everything from creating, implementing, and managing an effective youth ministry.

Adult Volunteers/Leaders

Volunteer Staff Application
Youth pastors can use this document to collect information on potential adult volunteers/leaders. Everything from personal information to background check information can be collected using this form.

Volunteer Staff Reference Form
Youth pastors can use this document to gather more information on a potential adult volunteer/leader. It’s confidential, and should be filled out by someone associated with the potential volunteer/leader.

Volunteer Staff Interview Screening Guide
This document provides the youth pastor with a battery of questions and talking points to use while interviewing a potential adult volunteer/leader. Everything from “relationship with Christ" to “role playing youth ministry situations" is included.

Staff Conduct and Guidelines
This document can be given to any adult volunteer/leader who passes the application, recommendation, background check, and screening interview. These guidelines include legal responsibilities, behavioral obligations, and leadership standards that adult volunteer/leaders must comply with to lead in the youth ministry.

Managing Student Leaders


Student Leadership Application
This document can be used by youth pastors to gain contact information and personal interests on potential student leaders inside the youth ministry.

Student Leadership Commitment Sheet
This form is used by the youth pastor to outline all the responsibilities the potential student leader is obligated to fulfill.

Student Leadership Mentor Form
Teenagers need almost constant oversight; this form is used by the youth pastor to help secure the potential student leader a mentor during his/her service to the youth ministry.

Policies and Procedures


Safety & Accident Policies & Procedures
This form can be used by the youth pastor to train volunteers on how to handle accidents. It also includes an incident report form.

Abuse & Harassment Policies & Guidelines
This document outlines the various kinds of abuse that youth ministries sometimes deal with. It also includes a harassment policy the youth pastor can implement in the ministry.

Miscellaneous Youth Ministry Forms


Fundraising Form
This document, already in chart form, can be handed out to students who are raising money for youth ministry related events/programs.

Gospel Presentation Card
This card is one of the simplest tracts to use. This is the tract that I use at most of my evangelism events. It is simple enough for 5th and 6th graders, and deep enough for adults (we talk about how to use it on this page). The card is made to print out, turn over and print again on the other side. Each single sheet of 8 1/2 by 11 sheet of paper will provide you with 4 tracts with print on both sides.

Sample Permission Slip
We encourage you to check with your lawyer, denomination or organization for specific wording on a permission slip. After all, this can become an important document in case of an injury. But feel free to use this sample as a starting point.

The “Basic Info" Card
I always like students to fill out a BASIC INFO card. Some people call these registration cards, new person forms, biography sheets, etc. In short, it’s a card students fill out once at the beginning of the year so you can get them in the data-base. I ask the basic logistical- but I also ask some questions to get to know them better. You can tell a lot about students from the three bottom questions.