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Dodgeball without boundaries, literally - every person for themselves. Typical rules apply - get hit, you're out; if your throw is caught, you're out. Here's the difference: when the person who gets you out gets out, you're back in. The catch: if you have the ball, you can't move (this eliminates the need for boundaries)Added by Andy UnterholznerAlso see...
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This game requires a bunch of dodgeballs, but it's really fun.First, split your large group into small groups (if you have around 50, split them into 5 groups of 10).Next, make one big circle or square with all the people, and send one of the groups in the middle. The surrounding groups sit down while the group in the...
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Hang black lights in the gym. Instruct all participants to wear all black and bring an extra pair of white socks. Spray paint a volleyball with glow in the dark/black light sensitive paint. Play volleyball with the people wearing the socks on their hands and the lights off in the gym.Provide glow bracelets if you want.Added by Adam GrossAlso...
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Get all your participants in a circle holding each other's hands. Get someone to 'unlock' one of their hands from the circle, put a hula-hoop onto his/her hand, then reconnect with the circle.The aim of this game is to get the hula-hoop around the circle and back to where it started without the group letting go of each other's...
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Here are several games you can play with an earthball (also called cage balls) or you could have an "Earthball Theme Night" and play them all.Where to find an earthball: Once upon a time, they could be ordered from a place called Gopher Sports at (800) 533-0446. Ask for a 72" cage ball. We are told that the earth...
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