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MAIN POINT: This is a fun game designed to start a discussion about healthy relationships and safe dating habits. Preparation: To get ready for this game, you are going to need a few different supplies. We recommend using pipe and drape so that you can divide the bachelor/bachelorette from the other contestants. You'll need at least 4 chairs (one for...
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MAIN POINT: This game is designed to get students into the habit of encouraging one another with their words.“Spin the Compliment” is played exactly like that other game “Spin the Bottle”… except without the kissing! Every kid in your group can play. All you need is one bottle per 10 kids or so. Here’s what you do.Gather all your...
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MAIN POINT: You can use John 10:1-5 as a starting point to discuss how important it is to know the voice of God – the voice of truth. Spend some time asking them if they know how to distinguish God’s voice in a world of lies. Remember, Satan is very tricky. He wants to steer us down the wrong paths...
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MAIN POINT: This game starts as a good intro to a discussion about hearing/recognizing God's voice when He speaks.Preparation: Gather plenty of media clips of various celebrities or famous personalities.Get audio clips of different people that youth may know, such as singers, actors, entertainers, etc. For example, play an audio clip of George Bush and then ask the audience...
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