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In this game, all the guys (Reindeers) get on all fours. The girls (Elves) have to get the guys (Reindeer) into a sectioned-off part of the room (The Stable) which is designated by a clearly visible line. The Elves must corner the Reindeer and drag them into the Stable.Once a Reindeer is dragged past the line, they are out...
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This game somewhat resembles kickball, with the use of cones instead of bases. It is best played indoors; a gym is perfect! You will need 2 cones (for “bases”) and 4 balls, 2 of one color (say, red), and 2 of another color (maybe, green). Here’s how you do it.The game consists of three innings. In every inning, EVERY...
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Basically it is like musical chairs, but with a twist. First, set up the chairs in a circle with seats facing out then when the music plays, students walk around the chairs. (There needs to be TWO less chairs than students.)When the music stops, students scramble for a seat. Those who find a seat are safe until the next...
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This game uses the rubber flexible Frisbees that you can get at Wal-Mart for $2.00 each. It is played on a court, (I use the inside of my fellowship hall).You need to create soccer-like goals. You can use masking tape at both ends of the court to do so. Place two chairs inside the goal so that the chairbacks...
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This is either played outdoors in a field or in a gym.One person is designated as "it" and is given a dodgeball. "It" then chases the rest of the group throwing the ball at them. If someone is hit they must sit down where they are hit. Once the ball is thrown, anyone may grab it and become "it."...
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