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We recommend starting off with one or two zombies, but bigger groups may need three or four zombies. This is a game of tag, but each team has different goals. The humans are trying to survive the zombie horde. The Zombies are trying to infect humans and turn them into fellow zombies.In order to distinguish who is a zombie, zombies must make...
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Preparation: Duct tape/cones and dodgeballsUse duct tape or cones to create four large squares/quadrants on the floor. Then divide your group into 4 different teams. Now play Dodgeball, but when a player "gets out", they will join the square that got them out. Add more balls in as the game goes on to add more madness. The game is...
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Instructions: In this game up to 40 people can play, but more pairs can always be made. Every participant will have a piece of paper with the name of a famous personality taped to their back. When the game starts  each contestant will roam around and ask other participants questions. Participants are trying to figure out who they are...
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This is another version of our Zombies game. This game is a great overnight event.Pick two to four students to be the "zombies" and send them off to hide. After 2 minutes, send the "humans" out to search for the zombies. As soon as a zombie is found, they chase after the humans (while doing their best zombie noise). In...
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Preparation: For this game, you will need an empty plastic milk jug for each player (preferably gallon sized, though 1/2 gallon will work), a tennis ball, and something for two goals. Cut the bottoms off of all the jugs beforehand too.Divide your students into two teams. The jugs are held upside down by their handles and used to catch...
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The cool thing about Blazedale Ball is…it ain’t over till the fat lady sings! It is anybody’s game, right down to the last second. Let me explain.You’re gonna need several balls to play this one; 4 soccer balls or 4 volleyballs work well. You’re also gonna need some space, and lots of it!First, set up four square zones (about...
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