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Preparation: You are going to need two goals that are across from each other. If you don't have any goals, hula hoops on the ground or buckets will work. Next, grab any soccer-sized ball. You will also need pool noodles (sabres) and these will be given to about half of the players on each team.The gameplay is simple and...
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This is a game that is gross enough to keep people on the edge of their seats, but tame enough that everyone will participate. You can either let an entire small group of students play or set it up so a few students will play up front.This is what happens: There is a table in the center and everyone...
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For this game, you need one person to volunteer to be the "judge". Make sure that this person knows that they will not be playing, but they serve as a referee for the game. Once you have a judge, have the rest of the group stand in a circle facing outward. The judge will walk around the outside of...
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Preparation: You are going to need one spoon per person playing.This game is super fun and you can play it in a short amount of time for one night, or you can make it a week-long game at a camp. Regardless of which way you choose to play, you will need someone to come up with a master list....
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We recommend starting off with one or two zombies, but bigger groups may need three or four zombies. This is a game of tag, but each team has different goals. The humans are trying to survive the zombie horde. The Zombies are trying to infect humans and turn them into fellow zombies.In order to distinguish who is a zombie, zombies must make...
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Before the game starts, prepare trivia questions or use the ones we have provided below. Next, gather blue or white balloons because these will be your “snowballs”. Snowballs are blown up balloons blue, and half of them are going to be filled with shaving cream. Making “loaded” snowballs is easy, just spray some shaving cream into them before you blow...
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