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This is a game that is gross enough to keep people on the edge of their seats, but tame enough that everyone will participate. You can either let an entire small group of students play or set it up so a few students will play up front.This is what happens: There is a table in the center and everyone...
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This game requires the following items: (x4) 36 or 48 pack economy rolls of toilet paper, a tub or barrel of cold water, two toilet bowls (you can purchase inexpensive toilet bowls for $100) and enthusiastic players! (NOTE: You could also use two buckets with toilet seats glued to them for even cheaper. Buckets are $4 and toilet seats...
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Preparation: Plastic tarps to cover the floor, garbage bags for students to wear, chairs, 3x5 cards, pens, and various condiments.This is a messy game and make sure appropriate steps are made in preparing for it, (i.e.: plastic on floors, kids don’t wear nice, school clothes, etc.) Make sure you choose 4 very brave students for this game. Each student...
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