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Supplies: Long lengths of rope AND a predetermined track/course.Divide your group into teams of at least 5 or more. The larger the team size, the more difficult it is. Tie the rope around the entire team at waist level. Make the rope as snug as possible without hurting the students.Put them on the obstacle course and turn them...
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Great, simple time-filler involving everyone. All you need is a basketball court and a ball.Have everyone (up to 50 people) on the basketball court at once. If you have a huge group, you can have more than two teams, and play a tournament/elimination style. Play normal basketball but with the following rules:1. Only girls can shoot or score2. No...
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Have the entire group make a circle. Pick four to five people for each team. The first team goes into the center of the circle and forms a line by attaching their hands to the waist of the person in front of them. The people who make up the circle throw the ball at the "dragon", trying to hit...
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Divide into two teams. This game is basically basketball, with your own player as the basket holder (assists at getting the ball in).Use a trashcan about the same size as your ball. Have each team choose a trash can holder (rotate regularly, it is a fun place to be). Have each one stand up on a chair (they can't...
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A lot like normal Kickball with a bunch of backward twists (hence the name "Rio Linda," if you've ever been there, you know exactly what I mean!)Rules: All the bases are backwards. Run to 3rd first, then 2nd, and then 1st.  All players on a team get one time up and they get one pitch from their...
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