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Before the game starts, choose a leader or student to be the “caller”. After you have chosen the caller, have all the players line up at the diving board or outside the pool. The "caller" will then think of a category e.g. colors, animals, Disney movies, ice cream flavors, etc. Once the caller is ready one person will jump...
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This game is modeled off of the popular game mode in the videogame Halo called "Infection". It is a blast for nearly any size group. You can play it with as few as 6 people and as many as 50! Here are the rules:Find a big location - preferably a big room, gym, or maybe even outside - and set...
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A youth leader walks in with a big ole pizza (or some other sweet prize) and announces that this game is a “Boys vs. Girls Challenge”. The winning team will get the goods. The leader will announce a historical event and students must correctly identify the year in which that event took place. The first person to run up...
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One person stands outside of the pool, with their back towards the water. Everyone else stands along that same edge of the pool (in the water) and thinks of a color. When everyone is ready the person standing outside of the pool shouts out different colors. When your color is called you have to swim across the pool. When...
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Preparation: Nametags and SharpiesGive each student a name tag and have them write their first and last name in large bold letters on the nametag. After everyone is done, collect all the name tags.Make sure the student does not see the name and stick a nametag on each person’s forehead. Instruct the students NOT to speak about who’s name...
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