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In this game, the ball is a piranha. Make sure you use a ball that is buoyant. Gather your players and have them form a circle in the pool. Once you have made a circle, have everyone hold hands and put the piranha in the middle of the circle. Once everyone is ready, get moving! The goal is to move, splash...
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Before the game starts, choose a leader or student to be the “caller”. After you have chosen the caller, have all the players line up at the diving board or outside the pool. The "caller" will then think of a category e.g. colors, animals, Disney movies, ice cream flavors, etc. Once the caller is ready one person will jump...
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One person stands outside of the pool, with their back towards the water. Everyone else stands along that same edge of the pool (in the water) and thinks of a color. When everyone is ready the person standing outside of the pool shouts out different colors. When your color is called you have to swim across the pool. When...
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All you need is one of those pool noodles and a leader who can tread water. Simply position a leader in the pool and have them hold the noodle at a predetermined distance from the diving board. Then one by one have the students jump over noodle (from the diving board into the water). After reach round the leader...
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It's a pool party, but there is a twist... it's a pool party with all your clothes on! We recommend that attendees wear sandals (unless you have a pair of sneakers you want to ruin). Provide plastic bags (and write their names on it with a marker) for cell phones, wallets and other items you don't want to get...
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Summer time demands at least one thing: access to a swimming pool you can take your kids to! This SWIMMING POOL game is a great one that’s fun to play for your group; just make sure you have at least 4 kids and some beach balls. Here’s how you do it.Have at least 4 students, but no more than...
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