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This game requires the following items: (x4) 36 or 48 pack economy rolls of toilet paper, a tub or barrel of cold water, two toilet bowls (you can purchase inexpensive toilet bowls for $100) and enthusiastic players! (NOTE: You could also use two buckets with toilet seats glued to them for even cheaper. Buckets are $4 and toilet seats...
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Preparation: All you need is one long ribbon per team.Divide your group into teams.The object of the game is to have every member of the team linked together with ribbon. The first player threads the ribbon through their shirt sleeve and down their pant leg. The next player threads the ribbon up their pant leg and out their shirt...
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Preparation: Plenty of water balloons, rope or chalk.Make a huge tic-tac-toe grid outdoors using thick rope (or chalk if on pavement). Divide your group into two teams and place them in single file lines at least 25 feet from the grid. Each team takes a turn trying to get three in a row by landing a water balloon in...
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With all the superhero movies coming out this is a fun trivia game. If you have media capabilities use PowerPoint or Media Shout. And make sure you give out a superhero sized prize to the winner(s)!!1. Who was Superman’s arch nemesis? (Lex Luthor)2. Who played Ironman in the latest Ironman movies? (Robert Downey Jr.)3. What was it that could...
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The cool thing about Blazedale Ball is…it ain’t over till the fat lady sings! It is anybody’s game, right down to the last second. Let me explain.You’re gonna need several balls to play this one; 4 soccer balls or 4 volleyballs work well. You’re also gonna need some space, and lots of it!First, set up four square zones (about...
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