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This is a simple, straightforward game and is played exactly like soccer, with two main differences.1) There is no goalie2) The ball of choice is an American football.The rest of it is just craziness in watching a bunch of kids run around and try to score with a ball that bounces in some very odd ways. This game can...
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Preparation: Plastic tarps to cover the floor, garbage bags for students to wear, chairs, 3x5 cards, pens, and various condiments.This is a messy game and make sure appropriate steps are made in preparing for it, (i.e.: plastic on floors, kids don’t wear nice, school clothes, etc.) Make sure you choose 4 very brave students for this game. Each student...
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This game is just what it sounds like. To begin, choose 4 contestants, who will be pitted against each other. Then using media begin posting tasks for the students must perform. The contestants are then judged by loudest applause (or laughter) and the winner gets, you got it, a Klondike bar. Some examples include: Air guitar, best 30-second break-dance,...
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Preparation: Household kitchen appliances like spatulas, wooden spoons, and bowls.This game is played just like floor hockey except instead of expensive sports equipment, use everyday household objects. It is a real blast and perfect for smaller groups with limited space. Divide your group into two or more teams (no more than 5 players are on the floor at a...
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Ask for 3—4 volunteers from the audience. Each volunteer then chooses a partner to help them. All the players will have a roll of toilet paper tied around their waist, hanging from their back side, (use a piece of rope or twine 18-24” long that ties through a belt loop and then through the TP roll). The players start...
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All you need are two hula hoops and four students wearing shoes. Place the hula hoops 40-50 feet away from each other. Teammates stand facing each other in opposing hula hoop “pits” so that half the team throws from one hoop and half throws from the other. Each player pitches both shoes followed by the opponent's two shoes. In...
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