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Go to your local art or party supply store and buy several of the biggest balloons they carry. (16" are cool, 3' are better). Divide the crowd in two. Have numerous staff throw the balloons in the crowd and have the crowd try to hit the balloons to the other side of the crowd.A fun twist to the game...
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This is a variation of Rock-Paper-Scissors. Have people pair off. When the signal is given, each person strikes a pose like an ape, man, or lady. Be sure to demonstrate what each looks like ahead of time. The ape beats the lady (because King Kong took the lady), man beats the ape, the lady gets the man. Eliminate the...
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This is a good game to divide into teams for the day/evening. Have pre-made cards for more than enough kids. Come up with as many animals as you want teams that night(If you want four teams, have four animals). If you predict 35 kids that night make forty cards, four groups of ten. Each group of ten cards will...
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