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Get 2 carpet roll tubes (12-foot cardboard tubes). You can get them from any carpet company or store. You also need a big cage ball (earth ball or Omnikin ball-72").*If you don't have one, here are some sites that sell them. I haven't used these companies before so purchase at your own risk.For Shape Up Click Here. Once...
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Set up a single "bowling alley" in your room. This can be as simple as using masking tape lines for gutters. Then set up empty (or full, if you’re brave) two-liter soda bottles for bowling pins. If you want Halloween colors, use orange soda, and a cola, and tear the labels off. Test out a few pumpkins and select...
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To understand this game you may need to know the history. The other night, my leadership team and I were setting up for our outreach event. One leader (who had just returned from the Florida Gatornationals Speedway) was vacuuming the floor when an idea hit him. He began to do vacuum cleaner drags. Then he "trained" the vacuum cleaner...
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For this game, you need toilet paper and garbage bags. Now, split your group down the middle...half go to one side, half to the other. Have leaders hand out the "snowballs" (rolls of tp).The object of the game is to have the least toilet paper on your side at the end of the game.Countdown and let them fly. Give...
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