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Toilet Seat Toss, aka Horseshoes with a Twist


Materials needed: 2 plungers & 2 toilet seats – one set (2 plungers, 2 seats) for every 2 teams.

Instead of using actual metal horseshoes and metal stakes, use two plungers as the stakes and two toilet seats as the shoes.

Stick the plungers on the ground 20 feet apart (a flat smooth surface is usually best like a gym floor) the handles will stick up in the air. Then toss the toilet seats and try to ring them around the plunger opposite your team. Have a few extra seats around in case they break (the padded ones I found are more durable). Second hand is fine as long as they are clean. I have used this at a western themed event. Play instrumental western music in the background.

Added by Mark Janzen

To continue the Western theme, see Cowboy King on the Up-Front page.


Jonathan McKee

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