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The-Walking-Dead-MorganIt’s the Season Finale’, and 90 minutes just didn’t seem like enough time. I can’t believe we have to wait until the fall to see more The Walking Dead!!! (Good thing we’ll be posting Season 3 discussions this summer here on The Gospel According to The Walking Dead during this long break.)

So much happened this episode, with so much to talk about. That’s what’s so good about this show… it spurs meaningful conversation.

The show begins with Morgan’s Book of Eli moment. Two very evil guys attempt to kill him, and Morgan kicks butt, but doesn’t kill them. In fact, he even makes sure

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rick-try-The Walking DeadAs the season finale’ rapidly approaches, Rick slowly seems to be derailing…

Or does he?

For five seasons Rick has carried the burden of leader, making life and death decisions for the group and bearing the full weight of the consequences whenever circumstances turn for the worse. He’s provided hope in an otherwise hopeless scenario, and he’s chased off danger countless times.

But for the last few episodes Rick’s actions almost seem… questionable.

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The Walking Dead Glenn CryThe community of Alexandria might be an incredible asset, but the people who live there are a liability.

Maybe it’s the fact that they have lived behind walls for too long. Maybe their little community cultivates a climate of cowards… whatever the reason, the Alexandrians seem to lack any degree of moral fiber. When it hits the fan, they abandon their friends and run.

This week was a tough week to watch for many. My wife Lori was emotionally shook after watching the episode. It’s difficult to lose people we’ve grown to love, amiable characters like

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Aaron-Daryl-The-Walking-DeadIt’s the second week of this radical transition from Dawn of the Dead to Mayberry, and it’s interesting to see the effect on some of Rick’s group.

Sasha is experiencing full on PTSD (although I might have gone a little wacky at that party too… I mean… break out the Twister or something). Carl is showing signs of being a normal teen. And Carol… wow! I don’t even know what to say about Carol.

I think the scene that jumped out at me the most this week was

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The-Walking-Dead-Rick-shave-beardWho you are matters.

That’s what we’re learning this week, as former Congresswoman Deanna is discovering people’s strengths and assigning them relevant positions.

This week was quite a transition for The Walking Dead fans. One minute Rick and his friends are nomads starving for a drop of water, the next moment they’re taking showers, getting haircuts and sleeping on a bed. (Except for Daryl, of course. Homie really needs a shower!)

The episode brings up some interesting discussion elements:

  • Is Deanna trustworthy? (Is any congressperson trustworthy, for that matter?)
  • Is Carl right, are they going to
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Aaron-The-Walking-DeadHow should you treat others when you’ve been hurt over and over again?

That was the debate this week, so much so, that Michonne spoke up against Rick.

It all started with the arrival of Aaron, a friendly, surprisingly clean and kempt stranger with an RV full of food and supplies. Aaron is the show’s first male gay character, which might create a bit of discussion for many who watch the show. Is that discussion relevant to the theme of this week’s episode?

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The-Walking-Dead-DarylYou know they’ve hit a low point when Daryl cries.

This week’s episode was about suffering. Physical suffering—they’re hungry, thirsty, and wandering like nomads. Emotional suffering—they’ve just lost two loved ones, Tyreese and Beth. Spiritual suffering—many of them are mad at God. Why would God allow this to happen? (Maybe because God’s only representative they have access to is the hypocritical priest who selfishly locked his flock outside the church to die.)

Everyone is dealing with suffering in a different way. Maggie is

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