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Season 5, Episode 15, Try


rick-try-The Walking DeadAs the season finale’ rapidly approaches, Rick slowly seems to be derailing…

Or does he?

For five seasons Rick has carried the burden of leader, making life and death decisions for the group and bearing the full weight of the consequences whenever circumstances turn for the worse. He’s provided hope in an otherwise hopeless scenario, and he’s chased off danger countless times.

But for the last few episodes Rick’s actions almost seem… questionable.

His commands are being questioned, his judgment second-guessed, to the point where Michonne even stepped in this week and usurped his authority… on the backside of his head!

Has Rick lost it?

Again we are perplexed with a question of ethics. What is right and just in a lawless society? What decision is fair for all?

You can’t blame Rick for his reasoning. A wife beater happens to be the town surgeon, so his evils have been ignored (which might be an evil in itself). Rick didn’t act out of anger; in fact, he sought council. After considering said counsel, he responded in action… which got a little out of hand.

Was Rick right… at least in intention?

Was Michonne right to stop him?

These are the questions we must wrestle with as we prepare for the final episode of Season 5.

1. Do you trust Rick’s judgment? Why or why not? Has Jessie compromised his judgement?
2. Do you trust Deanna’s judgment? Why or why not?
3. What about Michonne? Glenn?
4. Does mere banishment of Pete (the wife beater) endanger the group? So, what should be done to Pete?
5. How should Rick have handled it? How should they handle Rick now?
6. How do you know what’s right in situations like this?

A few weeks ago, in episode 11, we faced a similar dilemma and looked to the book of Proverbs for wisdom. Proverbs not only advised to seek the Lord’s wisdom in pursuit of justice and righteousness, but also to care for the weak and the hungry.

The book of Isaiah addresses this topic as well.

Read Isaiah 1:17

Learn to do good.
Seek justice.
Help the oppressed.
Defend the cause of orphans.
Fight for the rights of widows.

7. Why do you think the Bible constantly brings up caring for the weak when discussing being good and just? (see our discussion about this in Season 5, Episode 6)
8. Who are the oppressed and defenseless in this week’s storyline of the The Walking Dead?
9. What is good and just in this situation?
10. How can you know what is right in any given situation?
11. Where is a source you can go to for wisdom?
12. What might this look like in your world this week?


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