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Preparation: Print or write Super Bowl trivia on pieces of paper. Each player will need 7 questions, so plan accordingly. You will also need envelopes and paper with the correct answers. These will be given to the contestants before the game starts.Instructions: Anybody who wants to can play this game, but we suggest a max of 3-4 people. This...
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Preparation: You will need Monopoly money, 3x5 cards or whiteboards for this gameChoose 3 or 4 contestants to play. Each player will be given $1000 in Monopoly money at the start.  At the beginning of each round, players will hear the category. Each player will then try to answer a trivia question from that category. Contestants decide how much money...
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Items Needed2 Nerf PistolsNerf Darts (about 20)Cool prize (or prizes if you want to do multiple rounds of the game)Pick 2 students to play, and then allow each student to pick a partner of the same gender. In this game, one student from each team stands with their arms behind their backs. Their teammate stands behind them and sticks...
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This is a Boys vs. Girls challenge. Each team will select a player to come up to the stage. The player will hear a famous event. Players will have to guess the year in which the event occurred. This is a multiple choice quiz so they will hear 4 different dates. The team with the most points after 18...
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Divide your group into 2 teams. The easiest way is boys vs girls. Then, have 1 contestant come up for each team for each question. They will hear a fact being read that may or may not be true. If they think it’s true they say ‘truth’. If they believe it’s not true they say ‘poop’. For each correct...
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