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Preparation: Plastic tarps to cover the floor, garbage bags for students to wear, chairs, 3x5 cards, pens, and various condiments.This is a messy game and make sure appropriate steps are made in preparing for it, (i.e.: plastic on floors, kids don’t wear nice, school clothes, etc.) Make sure you choose 4 very brave students for this game. Each student...
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This game is just what it sounds like. To begin, choose 4 contestants, who will be pitted against each other. Then using media begin posting tasks for the students must perform. The contestants are then judged by loudest applause (or laughter) and the winner gets, you got it, a Klondike bar. Some examples include: Air guitar, best 30-second break-dance,...
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Ask for 3—4 volunteers from the audience. Each volunteer then chooses a partner to help them. All the players will have a roll of toilet paper tied around their waist, hanging from their back side, (use a piece of rope or twine 18-24” long that ties through a belt loop and then through the TP roll). The players start...
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A youth leader walks in with a big ole pizza (or some other sweet prize) and announces that this game is a “Boys vs. Girls Challenge”. The winning team will get the goods. The leader will announce a historical event and students must correctly identify the year in which that event took place. The first person to run up...
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This is a fun and messy take on Pictionary. All you need is a rectangular table (the kind EVERY church has) and some cans of shaving cream.Choose 8 students and put them on 2 teams of 4. Put one team of 4 students on one side of the table and the other team of 4 students on the opposing...
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Inspired by the hit TV show from the 80’s by the same name, this game requires two objects equal in height. You can use two tables or two 55 gallon drums or two chairs. Anything that’s equal.You’ll then place a sturdy board or beam across the two objects making a “balance beam” of sorts. All around the base, place...
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