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Get three large ziplock bags filled with Kool-Aid (liquid) and surgical tubing coming out of the top. Have three people suck until the Kool-Aid is gone. For added effect, have the "I.V. bags" raised above the contestants' heads. The first one to drink their entire bag wins. Caution: Remember that many of the large ziplock bags are a full...
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Get 2 or 3 couples. (If possible, get tall guys and short girls). Tie the guys' right wrists to the girls' left wrists. Blindfold the girls first, then guys. After the guys are blindfolded, remove the girls' blindfolds. Give each a rolled newspaper (make it a very light newspaper that doesn't hurt) and tell them on the signal to...
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Dress two contestants in white t-shirts and white sweats. Give students protective eyewear (It will add a lot if you can get some fencing headgear as well). Duct tape two big black markers to the end of two strong dowel rods (bought at any hardware store). Instruct them that the only place they can mark is above the belt...
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CAUTION: This is a timed challenge, to see how quickly a normal amount of soda can be consumed, NOT a contest to see how much more liquid can be consumed. We strongly discourage the latter, as it can cause severe sickness when too much liquid is consumed!This game is played up front with a few people while the crowd...
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