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MAIN POINT: This game helps students get to know one another and work on communication.Split the group into girls and guys. (Leader's are excluded, as you will be the panel of judges.) Put teams on opposite sides of the room. Dedicate one person from each group to be "it". Give each group 5 minutes to find out as much about "it"...
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MAIN POINT: Team building!This is a silly outdoor or indoor retreat, camp, or group game. You need several (10-20) cardboard boxes (med-large), blindfolds, buckets, and water.Blindfold a group of 8-10 people. Place them among the boxes and tell they have 2 minutes to form a wall around themselves using the boxes. The wall doesn’t have to be higher than...
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MAIN POINT: This game is a kickstarter for a discussion on money, greed, priorities, friends, or hearing God’s voice. Point out the confusion that may have occurred with all the pairs going at once, crowding around the container, “blinded by money”, trying to hear their partner’s directions.Preparation: 2 pennies per student and a bucket/cup.Divide your group into pairs. Issue each pair...
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MAIN POINT: Getting students to know one another.Preparation: Index cards, tape, and pensThis is a small group game. As each person arrives have them write their name clearly on an index card. Then tape a card to their back.Give everyone another index card. On "Go!" with hyped music in the background, everyone copies names off backs of other people, while...
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MAIN POINT: You can use this game as a kickstarter for a discussion about friends leading you down the wrong path or finding God's will.Choose two competitors. One is taken out of the room. The other has 1-3 minutes (depending on the size of your group) to arrange a maze, using all the people in the room. The maze...
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MAIN POINT: This is a getting to know you game. Relationships don't go anywhere if you can't even remember what people tell you! This game also begins like the game Dollar Surprise (Click Here).Give 5-10 people increments of $1-3 each... secretly instruct them (like when everyone is arriving and just hanging out) to remember the 7th person they mingle with (small...
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