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MAIN POINT: Getting to know youGet an even amount of students and staff in the room. You can add staff as needed to make the number even.Students and staff mingle to music and shake hands. When the music stops, everyone must find another person and shake hands. The leader calls out a question they must ask of whomever they...
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MAIN POINT: Teamwork, cooperationEasy game for a big group (minimum 20). Quickly divide into 2-4 teams (more people, more teams) and announce that each team will be racing to squeeze into the shape of the item mentioned. For example: if the leaders yell out the word "football" the teams must squeeze into the shape of a football as would...
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MAIN POINT: Just because you're related to someone doesn't mean you know them. Relationships take effort no matter if you're related or not!Like the old tv game show, "The Newlywed Game," only with siblings.Get several sets of siblings to play this game- see which siblings know each other the best. (select siblings that can be a good sport and...
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MAIN POINT: Things aren't always what they seem!For this up-front game, you need a "King", 3 volunteers, a blindfold, and two rings -- preferably large ones like men's class rings or women's rings w/large sets.One person is the King and one is the helper. The King is in the front of the room sitting on a chair. Have him...
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MAIN POINT: Trust and/or Things aren't always what they seem.For this up-front game, you need a blindfold and a 2x10 board at least 3 to 4 feet long – strong enough to support someone's weight.Have two informed strong leaders on either side of the board they are going to "lift" with someone standing on it. Have several informed 'spotters'...
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MAIN POINT: Discussion starter. Once matched, you can ask a pre-typed question for the partners to discuss.You will need some leaders to measure students when they come in. Everyone who walks into youth group gets a length of string (but make sure it isn't their own). Each string is the same length as one other person in the room....
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