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Play 2 seconds of a movie clip and have students guess what movie it is from. Have several videos or DVDs cued beforehand.You can divide students into teams, and have prizes for the most accurate guesses optional.Added by Dillon BurroughsAlso, see Movie Game (Click Here) and Name That Tune (Click Here).
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MAIN POINT(S): Things aren't always what they seem (see related trivia below). Gets their attention before you speak.This game involves a large crowd. Explain that you are going to do something once thought impossible: with their help you will make it rain inside.Divide into 3-4 groups where they are sitting (left, left middle, right middle, and right…sides of the...
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Divide the room in half and give each kid in the room toothpicks. Split into teams and then race. Instruct students to pass the marshmallow to the person behind them, leaving the toothpick on the marshmallow when they let it go. The first team to successfully pass the marshmallow and toothpicks through their entire team wins!Added by Young LifeAlso,...
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