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Get 4 staff members from the crowd (as many staff as you have sections of the crowd). Have each staff member stand in front of a given section of the crowd that can cheer for their staff member. Have each staff member grab about 3 or 4 kids to “wrap them.” Hand each group 3 or 4 rolls of...
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This is an Audience or Small Group game. Put pieces of dried fruit, jerky, tomato, potato, red onion, etc. in several separate closed lunch bags. Mix them up, throw them out into crowd, start music. When music stops whoever has a bag takes a bite. You may need referees to declare who had it when the music stopped.Idea from...
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Ask the entire group to stand. Tell them to sit down when the statement characterizes them. Once seated, they must remain seated.Encourage them to be honest. If you have trouble because most are not sitting down, give them general characteristics ("Sit down if you are under 15, if you have on white socks, if you are in love," etc.).Sit...
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This is a great game to be done in a sanctuary with pews. Divide the crowd in half. Have several members from each side of the sanctuary go to the back of the room behind the last pew. Dump a pile (about 20 is good) of superballs in front of the first pew. The students in the pews must...
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Much like "Toothpicks and Lifesavers." Give everyone a straw to put in their mouth. In rows or pews have them stand up and get ready to pass a small cup (Dixie cups work great) to the next person by using only the straw. The row to do this first, without cheating, wins! You can have a few people in...
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