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This is a really fun game that is also very, very simple to play. You need zero supplies or preparation! Told ya it was simple. Here’s what you do.Choose one student to go out of the room and way out of ear shot. While that student is gone (with an adult volunteer…just to make sure), you stand in front...
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Break out the boxing gloves…this cool game will definitely get your group fired up! It’s called Gender Genius Challenge and here’s how you play it.It’s basically a “battle of the sexes” as the boys compete against the girls to see which gender is more intelligent. You can group guys on one side of the room and girls on the...
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Contact all your students’ parents and have them send in a photo of their child as a toddler. This is HUSH HUSH, and their child cannot know the photos are going to be sent in.(When you start showing the pictures it gets the students all freaked out about which photo their parent might have sent in.)With all your photos...
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