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Preparation: All you need is one long ribbon per team.Divide your group into teams.The object of the game is to have every member of the team linked together with ribbon. The first player threads the ribbon through their shirt sleeve and down their pant leg. The next player threads the ribbon up their pant leg and out their shirt...
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Preparation: Household kitchen appliances like spatulas, wooden spoons, and bowls.This game is played just like floor hockey except instead of expensive sports equipment, use everyday household objects. It is a real blast and perfect for smaller groups with limited space. Divide your group into two or more teams (no more than 5 players are on the floor at a...
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Preparation: Nametags and SharpiesGive each student a name tag and have them write their first and last name in large bold letters on the nametag. After everyone is done, collect all the name tags.Make sure the student does not see the name and stick a nametag on each person’s forehead. Instruct the students NOT to speak about who’s name...
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