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Preparation: Pens and lots of paper!The only thing you need for this game is a pen and a half of a sheet of piece paper for each student. Begin by handing the first student a random sentence on a piece of paper. The first student will then sketch their interpretation of that sentence down for the next person. Once...
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Have all your students stand up and find a partner. They stand back to back and on "1,2,3, Go!" they stand on one foot and turn around (usually by jumping/hoping). Whoever loses balance and puts their other foot on the ground (or falls over) first loses. Partners can bump into each other, push, etc. The winners find new partners...
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Have everyone stand in a circle. Players put their hands in front of them in a "praying" position, around chest height. Everyone bows.Pick a starting player and then continue to go in a clockwise direction (they must remember the order they go in because it doesn't take long for them to not be in a circle anymore). The ninjas...
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This is a really fun game that is also very, very simple to play. You need zero supplies or preparation! Told ya it was simple. Here’s what you do.Choose one student to go out of the room and way out of ear shot. While that student is gone (with an adult volunteer…just to make sure), you stand in front...
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Marshmallow HorseThis is a great game for small groups that meet in homes, but you can use it in just about any setting. All you need is a bag of small marshmallows.The game is a hybrid of tossing marshmallows up and catching them in your mouth and the basketball game H.O.R.S.E. In our game, you pair up students and...
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This game is great because it involves everybody, but lets them choose their degree of participation. Here's how you play it.For several weeks prior to the game, grab heaps and heaps of cardboard boxes and packing tape (not masking tape…it has to be packing tape).On the night of your game, split everybody up into 2 or 4 teams, depending...
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