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Spoon Assassins


Preparation: You are going to need one spoon per person playing.

This game is super fun and you can play it in a short amount of time for one night, or you can make it a week-long game at a camp. Regardless of which way you choose to play, you will need someone to come up with a master list. This person will not be playing the game but serves as a judge/referee.

To start the game, each person will have a spoon that they must secure somewhere on their body, but it still has to be visible (nowhere inappropriate). The judge/referee will assign everyone a person whose spoon they must collect, or “assassinate”. No two people should have each other. Just a reminder, the person who assigns the players’ their target person to get a spoon from should not be participating. Once everyone has a secure, visible place for their spoon, the game begins! The goal for each person is to snatch their opponent’s spoon. Once they do so, the person who has just lost their spoon must tell the assassinator who their person to be assassinated was. Now the assassin goes after their new opponent. The game continues until one person has their spoon left, that person is the winner. This game is great to play at summer camp and can be played all week.


Game idea by Jocelyn 


Clayton Eddleman

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