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As more and more school districts close and churches limit gatherings, there is going to be millions of teens sitting at home bored out of their minds. The good news is that there are more ways than ever to connect with and engage students virtually. Here is a list of 15 ideas to help students grow spiritually and in...
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How much more would your influence and impact grow if you became an indispensable resource to your church and community? While largely undeserved, there is still a stigma that youth pastors are barely more than teenagers themselves, tasked with keeping the youth occupied and...
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It's a simple formula that generations of student ministry are built on...gather students at church and get them excited to bring friends by making it a fun and exciting place to be. Then, at the end of the night, there is an opportunity to teach and share content that draws students closer to Jesus and His way of life....
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If you are in distress because a student is suffering and hurting and it breaks your heart, that makes sense. That’s where I find myself regularly. But if you find it causing harm to your life, making you unable to function, you need to find some help. Learn how to create healthy, emotional boundaries. Our teens have...
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