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Tony, a high school boy in our ministry, begged me to let him speak at youth group. He said that he felt like he needed to tell his friends about Jesus and the incredible difference Jesus made in his life...
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When COVID shut down our in-person youth ministry, I challenged my youth to record a one-minute devotional video, and each day I would send one of them out to the group...
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If we are too focused on program (I’ve gotta set up these games, let’s practice this worship set one more time and get it perfect, let me just finish the PowerPoint slides on my talk…) that we miss people…we’ve done nothing. Again, none of these practices: setting up games, practicing worship songs, perfecting a talk) are bad…until they distract...
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Want help with ideas for 'how to up your game' and feel like you know what you are doing when it comes to creating social media and digital content... how to drive engagement with your posts, devotionals and content?
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