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Ever have a volunteer who just doesn’t do what they “volunteered” to do? I have learned empathy for the leaders who struggle. I have found that it is rare for a leader to come for only selfish reasons (though it does happen). Usually, it is simply that a leader doesn’t know what to do or how to do...
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In youth ministry, we deal with all sorts of crazy behavior. How we handle it communicates just as much about Jesus as any teaching that we ever give. And I’m not saying we shouldn’t correct our students, but how we do it is vital to their understanding of who God is...
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Last summer my dog Lionel discovered something delicious—the drip tray underneath our outdoor propane grill. Whenever we grill burgers, steak, chicken, brontosaurus. . . anything, the fat drips off the meat down through an opening in the bottom of the grill, oozing into a disposable tray that is several inches deep. This tray isn’t small by any means. It...
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