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A kid in pain... do I craft a lesson around emotional pain and how Jesus can be salve for our wounds? Should I get him in a small group where he can dump his problems out? Or do I provide what he needs more than anything else at the moment...
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“So will your wife be helping in the youth ministry as well?” In any job there are presumably going to be unwritten and unspoken expectations. For many years one of those expectations in youth ministry was the “two for one” hire, where the spouse of the youth pastor would volunteer in the ministry alongside their husband or wife...
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“So how many teens can they expect to reach effectively?” I asked him.“How many leaders do they have?” It wasn’t a question. It was his answer to my question.The two of us were sitting in a hotel lobby talking...
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Youth Ministry Help

Grace First

I’ve asked hundreds of kids to write down an answer to the question, “If God came to you in person, what is the first thing He would say to you?”  Almost always, when I open up the little slips of paper, the answer has to do with some bad behavior.
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