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If you are in distress because a student is suffering and hurting and it breaks your heart, that makes sense. That’s where I find myself regularly. But if you find it causing harm to your life, making you unable to function, you need to find some help. Learn how to create healthy, emotional boundaries. Our teens have...
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Inviting depth really revolves around one idea: authentic presence.  As a youth worker, I am authentic in my care for my teens and genuine about my desire to be in relationship with them. They see that, and they...
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Most youth workers would love to connect with other youth workers for encouragement and ideas...but most youth workers don't make the time to actually do this. Here's what it looks like when youth ministries actually network together for Kingdom-minded ministry...
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We know we need volunteers…but what kind of person makes up a perfect volunteer? We want someone who is more than a warm body…someone who will really care and help build our group. It would be great, wouldn’t it, if they were young and cool? They must love Jesus. They are someone who can keep up...
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