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Top 3 qualities I’m looking for when I hirePosted on: 03/8/16 5:45 AM | by Jonathan McKeeSomeone just asked me, “Jonathan, we’re looking for a new youth pastor. What would you look for in a youth pastor?”What would you say?Good speaker?Kids like them?Organized?(Those are the ones I hear from people frequently.)To be honest (see what I did there?), none of those...
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The Power of Coming TogetherPosted on: 10/16/14 5:45 AM | by Jonathan McKeeLast weekend I was in a small town outside of Minneapolis where I witnessed something I rarely see in the world of youth ministry. I saw a network of 8 youth workers from different ministries come together to share ideas and do ministry together.I almost pinched myself. A Lutheran,...
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I have a friend who just started a job as a youth pastor for a small town church. When the church hired him, they were emphatic about two “vital” elements: Don’t change the room. Make sure you let the pastor know what’s going on.So much to say… I don’t even know where to start.I’ll go ahead and refrain from...
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5 Essentials to Effectively Communicate to Today's Young PeopleWhy talk for 25 minutes when you can say it in 5?Seriously. Think about it for a moment. Picture a typical youth gathering where an adult has the opportunity to share the truth with kids. Now imagine this. A woman in her young 20’s walks to the front of the room...
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Real Relationships in a World of IsolationLast month a student from the high school just down the street from me excused himself from class about 10:15 a.m., walked into a restroom, and shot himself.It was his 17th birthday.My heart sank as I read the entire story in our local Sacramento paper. That's the third article this week I've seen...
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