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Mugger Hugger

Note: This game requires at least one video projector screen viewable by the entire crowd.This is a hands-on get-to-know-you mixer. It is perfect for your first night back from summer or Christmas break when you may have new adult leaders and/or new students.Explain that each adult leader’s face will flash on the screen with their name under/above/beside it. Whenever...
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Preparation: You will need to create Bingo Cards with 25 blank spaces, and have enough paper for everyone.For this game, you need to have at least 25+ people. Create a Bingo Card with 25 blank spaces. As students enter, have students put their name on a piece of paper or ticket and place the tickets in a jar. Then...
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Create a clock on a piece of paper, and make sure you use one with hands to each of the twelve hours. Give a copy of this clock and a pen/pencil to every student in the group. The hands of the clock act as blanks for the students to write each other's names on. Everyone goes around and has...
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This is a good mixer for groups who may not know each other very well. It is also a good introduction to sharing personal information and feelings in small group situations.Call out a characteristic and have kids form groups of different numbers based on the characteristic. Make sure kids are forming groups with people they don't know very well....
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Each person chooses to be a famous character, actor, cartoon character, or otherwise famous person. Once a player knows who they want to be they must tell the leader. They only tell one leader, who will make a list of who everyone is. Then, the leader reads out the list of the "fake names" only. Make sure to say the...
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MAIN POINT: Getting students to know one another.Preparation: Index cards, tape, and pensThis is a small group game. As each person arrives have them write their name clearly on an index card. Then tape a card to their back.Give everyone another index card. On "Go!" with hyped music in the background, everyone copies names off backs of other people, while...
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