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This week’s The Gospel According to the Walking Dead is written by youth worker and huge The Walking Dead fan, Ryan Crittenden.

Eight years ago when I was in the Army I learned a valuable leadership lesson while serving in Afghanistan.

I went to the gym one evening because all the other guys were working out, so naturally I felt I had too as well. But, I had no clue what I was doing.

I went to my team leader and asked if I could

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by Thom McKee

Throughout this entire series one of the biggest themes on the show has been leadership, good and bad.

So far we have seen some great leaders. Rick has guided our group through thick and thin, and while there are some doubters, he has proven to be a powerful leader whenever they came across people or walkers trying to kill the group.

King Ezekiel, who may have had unconventional methods

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by Thom McKee

Just this last summer, my 11 year old son asked me if there were rules to war. The question didn’t just come out of thin air. We were watching a World War II movie where the “Geneva Convention” was mentioned. He had no idea what this was, but the idea of rules to war seemed amusing to my son.

“Dad, does anyone follow rules for war?” he asked me.

I kind of laughed and pointed out that the rules mostly dealt with what you could do with prisoners of war and what types of weapons you could use, but that the Allies (in WW2) really tried to obey the rules. Then he asked me if the atomic bomb was against the rules. I told him

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by Thom McKee

Who would you rather be, Negan or Rick?

Think about it. Negan has pretty much everything he wants, including immense power and access to most of the material things that people only enjoyed before the Zombie apocalypse. He also leads a very large community that may eventually become an established government in this new world.

What does Rick have? He doesn’t have much power and most of his material possessions have been stripped by the saviors – but he has

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The-Walking-Dead-Gregoryby Thom McKee Jr.

It is hard to believe that cowards can still be leaders at this point in the show. So far, most of the characters like Gregory died within the first year of the apocalypse.


Sasha saw it clearly when she said, “He’s an idiot.” But Maggie saw it clearer when she replied, “He’s a coward. They’re more dangerous.”

The simple fact is that guys like Gregory don’t last in this world because they get other people killed, and smart people don’t help guys like Gregory.

But somehow, in the unique safety his walls have provided

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The-Walking-Dead-Glenn-Diesby Thom McKee Jr.

Is extreme violence or the threat of extreme violence actually a good way to control people? This isn’t exactly a new question – and if you look at recent history, it certainly isn’t a resolved question. Since the beginning of civilization, this has actually been a key leadership question. Does brutality work as an effective way to control the masses?

In the 1970’s, there was some interesting research done after a very public hostage crisis in Sweden where some bank robbers held hostages for six days. The fascinating part of this particular scenario was the fact that

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Tonight we finally will discover who it is!

It’s bittersweet. On one hand we really want to know… but on the other hand… who wants to lose one of our favorite characters?

But like it or not, tonight we will find out who Negan killed. And many of you have already cast your votes this week in our “Who is it?” Contest, here at The Gospel According to The Walking Dead blog. So far it looks like Abraham is the most predicted character. But we’ve got plenty predicting Glenn, Maggie and Eugene as well.

So who do we predict, as authors of this blog?

Both Thom and I

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