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Tonight we finally will discover who it is!

It’s bittersweet. On one hand we really want to know… but on the other hand… who wants to lose one of our favorite characters?

But like it or not, tonight we will find out who Negan killed. And many of you have already cast your votes this week in our “Who is it?” Contest, here at The Gospel According to The Walking Dead blog. So far it looks like Abraham is the most predicted character. But we’ve got plenty predicting Glenn, Maggie and Eugene as well.

So who do we predict, as authors of this blog?

Both Thom and I (Jonathan) are going to finally come clean!

Narrowing the Prediction

THOM: First of all, I just want to say that I have actively avoided spoilers on the question as to who Negan killed. I know that they are filming the next season and one (or more) of our actors is not there. So just to reiterate once again…I have spent this TWD hiatus without reading any possible spoilers. I even avoided reading articles where people guessed who is dead. By some kind of miracle, I have been successful and I have literally heard no spoilers. So my guess is coming entirely from the evidence during the last scene of Season 6 and my understanding of how the show works.

JONATHAN: I’m the same way. In fact, I never even watch the “next week on The Walking Dead” after each episode, because I don’t want to know. And in this case, I’m definitely not one to read some article from a guy in Atlanta who still saw “so and so” on the set.

THOM: I agree. I’d rather make the guess with the evidence we’ve been given.

JONATHAN: The only hiatus I employ is that of the comics. I am caught up in the comics, so I do compare the show and the comics. But that doesn’t really “spoil” anything. The show definitely goes its own way (to quote Fleetwood Mac). It will be interesting to see if the same is true with who Negan kills.

THOM: The show has definitely gone its own way (not quoting Fleetwood Mac). The writers have killed quite a few characters in surprising ways, and they have actively tried to be unpredictable. But they also haven’t been really taking huge chances in their choices to eliminate popular characters. There have always been characters that were just too popular to kill. Right now these include Rick, Daryl and Carol. We know that they are safe. I was amazed when Carol was banished in season four, but I knew that they weren’t going to kill her off because she is just one of the show favorites. Of course she would be back (and I was right).

JONATHAN: I’ve had similar thoughts- that there are characters that are just too popular to kill. Funny, I probably wouldn’t have included Carol in that mix, but would have included Michonne. I can’t imagine them killing off Michonne. Personally, I think Michonne, Rick and Daryl are untouchable. Anyone else is fair game.

THOM: I agree… albeit the juxtaposition of Carol and Michonne. And I think we both agree there are characters that just aren’t interesting enough to keep around. You know that their day is coming, but it probably won’t be when there is a big season ending cliffhanger. Right now these include Aaron, Sasha and Rosita. These guys could, and probably will die in some random episode, but the impact wouldn’t be enough for a cliffhanger like this one.

JONATHAN: I’m 100% with you on that.

THOM: So that leaves us just a few – Glenn, Maggie (and baby), Michonne, Carl, Eugene or Abraham.

JONATHAN: …and I think Carol is in this bunch as well, not Michonne.

THOM: Agree to disagree. I really do believe that it is one (or more) of these people. But I have to choose one, so I am going to have to use elimination for this one. I don’t think that it is Carl because Negan has already threatened to take his other eye out. I assume that is an elimination. Michonne’s death would have the emotional impact, but I think that she is just too potentially useful for Negan.

JONATHAN: And a strong female character that TWD writers/producers aren’t willing to part with.

THOM: Eugene is also a very likely subject, but I don’t think that the ammunition storyline is over. Maggie’s death would be horrific, but I just think that having a mother and her baby on the team is just too good a prospect for the writing team to eliminate.

So for me, it really comes down to Glenn or Abraham.

JONATHAN: Wow. I’m impressed with your reasoning. I don’t know if I would give the same reason for each and every character, but all things considered, I think it really comes down to either Glenn or Abraham also.

THOM: Both would be horrific, but doable. Glenn would be a shock, simply because it happened in the comic that way. In the past, they have strayed from the comics in order to provide some of the biggest surprises. But this time I think, sticking with the original killing in the comic would actually be more of a surprise.

JONATHAN: That’s what I was talking about with my wife Lori just yesterday (she endures such conversations). I told her, “I think the biggest surprise here might be for them to go the same route of the comics!” I think this would also set up Maggie as the leader of the Hilltop. And let’s be honest. Our world loves strong female lead roles right now. I think Glenn’s death catalyzes Maggie to rise up that much more. If the show’s producers have any say in this death, they’ll want Maggie preserved in such an important role. And Glenn’s death would tee that up nicely (is that in bad taste to use a baseball metaphor?)

THOM: I agree. I think Maggie’s safe. But Abraham is also a very strong possibility. The emotional toll would be devastating. He also has become quite the comic relief character of late, so his death would create a big vacuum on the show. That is precisely what this major killing has to do. But Negan also has to know that, if he could get Abraham to work for him, he would be a powerful ally.

JONATHAN: I think the show has plenty of comic relief with Eugene (so I’m really hoping Eugene doesn’t go bye bye). But I agree that Abraham is a huge possibility. When Dr. Denise (actress Merritt Wever’s character) took a crossbow to the head from Dwight on the train tracks near the end of Season 6… that was Abraham’s death in the comics. So he has already been spared. The question is, is that for good… or just a short delay?

THOM: Good question. So who do I think it is -Glenn or Abraham? When it comes down to it, I think that either one could be the one, but since I have to choose one, I would say Abraham. The reason why? If you watch the last scene from episode six we actually get to see this death from the character’s point of view. After the first hit from Lucille, the victim gets back up. That is why Negan comments on how he (or she) “took it like a champ.” I think that this is exactly how Abraham would do this. He would take it like a champ!

JONATHAN: Yes, but that’s exactly what happened with Glenn in the comics. He took it like a champ. I hated reading it. I couldn’t believe they killed him. It was a huge loss. It was worse than when Costco discontinued their food court hand-dipped ice cream bar with almonds.

THOM: Oh, I miss those!

JONATHAN: I know. What were they thinking? I was depressed for a month! So I think it’s Glenn who gets killed. Killing Glenn sets up Maggie to be the strong female lead that America loves. (And if I’m wrong, then I think it will be Abraham or Eugene. If it’s someone other than those three… wow… they really got me!)

THOM: It’s Abraham.

JONATHAN: It’s Glenn.

THOM: So there you have it – my TWD cliffhanger prediction.

JONATHAN: And mine. By the way… loser has to take the other guy to lunch.

THOM: Deal!

JONATHAN: I eat to drown away my sorrows!

So there it is. That’s our predictions! The contest entries are sealed. Spoilers are fair game now. Who do you think it will be? Chime in on the comments below.

And don’t forget to give some social media love to tonight during the show! (Include me @InJonathansHead and I might just reTweet ya!)


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  1. Scott stentz
    October 23, 2016 at 10:38 am

    Interesting. It could be both. That would set the record straight with the comic. Abraham as you say already had his death and Glenn has his with Lucille. So, Abraham could be the first killed and Glenn goes after them and gets it as well! I’m sticking with Maggie though. It’d be tougher on the group and make more people dislike Negan.

  2. Lane
    October 24, 2016 at 12:30 pm

    Wow, great discussion. And you both were right! And Scott Stentz was right on! (if he stuck with his comment). Made sense ….

  3. Jonathan McKee
    October 24, 2016 at 5:34 pm

    Wow… that was a tough episode to watch! I need that blox of Kleenex!!! But I think I’m even more bummed that Thom’s guess was a little more correct that mine… because Abraham died first. But hey… we were both correct. Not bad! (and so were so many others in this contest! Good job everyone!) Well, I owe you lunch Thom!

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