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By Thom McKee

How long does it take to begin to trust people after you have been betrayed? Is it something that you can get over quickly?  Or does it take some time?  But imagine if betrayal was something that happened to you regularly. Would you ever be able to trust people?

This is something I always wonder about on The Walking Dead. In the ten seasons of the show, betrayal is something that seems to just happen every other week. In the early seasons of the show you would sometimes be surprised when someone would

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by Thom McKee

Does God really have a plan for your life? You may believe in God, but not necessarily that He is involved in your life at all. Or you may be the type of believer that sees God involved in every decision including what shoes you should put on in the morning. But even a rough survey of people who believe in God (including some Christians) will fall all over this spectrum – God isn’t involved in our lives at all or God is involved in every minute detail

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by Thom McKee

What would you do if Negan captured you and asked you to join his team?

Let that question sink in for a moment. Knowing what you know about this man, would you defy him directly like Daryl? Would you give in and serve him like Dwight? Would you pretend to serve him and wait for an opportunity to rebel or escape? (We know that this is what Carol would do.) Would you try to convince Eugene to make poison pills to slip into Negan’s soup?

Or would you do what Eugene is doing. (What is Eugene doing?)

Rebel, lie, or conform to save your life? This is the question millions

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Tonight we finally will discover who it is!

It’s bittersweet. On one hand we really want to know… but on the other hand… who wants to lose one of our favorite characters?

But like it or not, tonight we will find out who Negan killed. And many of you have already cast your votes this week in our “Who is it?” Contest, here at The Gospel According to The Walking Dead blog. So far it looks like Abraham is the most predicted character. But we’ve got plenty predicting Glenn, Maggie and Eugene as well.

So who do we predict, as authors of this blog?

Both Thom and I

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