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Main Point:  In a world where virtual options have caused physical church attendance to appear less necessary, what does it look like for a person to engage with the church in a way that will lead to genuine spiritual growth?The Discussion Starter: Comedian John Crist has risen to fame over the past several years thanks to his keen ability to...
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Main Point:  Our world often overly focuses on outward appearance and getting that perfect selfie, but God looks into our hearts and wants to see our hearts be the best part of who we are.The Discussion Starter:  Have you ever thought about how much we focus on our outward appearance? Everyone does to a degree or else nobody would...
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Main Point:   When you compromise your integrity, you open yourself up to outcomes God has never intended for you to experience.The Discussion Starter:Would our integrity be any different if we knew were being filmed?In this viral video, a woman gets out of the car to steal packages that had been delivered to someone’s front step.  As she makes her...
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The Problem with GreedMain Point: On the surface, greed looks like it will serve us well. Instead, it always ends up costing us dearly.The Discussion Starter: Wire CuttersThis short film is nothing short of brilliant!Created by Jack Anderson, a graduate of Dodge College of Film and Media Arts at Chapman University, this 9-minute-long silent video shows the story of...
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Main Point: Some people say that religion is about being a good person. But because God knew that was impossible for us, He sent Jesus to save us from our sin by His grace.Introducing The Discussion Starter:The View is ABC’s daily talk show hosted by a number of (usually) female co-hostesses. When it comes to discussing fashion, celebrities, and...
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Main Point: Our lives can be changed by the Christmas story of Jesus. Therefore, we need to know His story.The Discussion Starter: Christmas According to KidsSouthland Christian Church is a growing church in the Lexington, KY area. While they are known for sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ...they are also known for sharing funny videos like the one used...
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