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This YouTube video focuses on secular music, its influence over us, and how we should choose what music to listen to in our lives. The video features the thoughts of vlogger Joseph Solomon who produces content for his channel called Chase God TV. He gives a wonderfully fair and balanced approach to secular music in this video. In addition...
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Recently Life.Church’s Craig Groeschel used this older YouTube video in a sermon, bringing it once again to the eyes of many. The video was a warning about shark attacks; but makes a strong point about how important it is to stay out of the wrong place if you want to live the right life....
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“Have you ever ignored the truth to fit in with the group?” That’s the question the show’s host asks us in this clip. “Have you ever ignored the truth…to fit in with the group?” In other words, have you ever taken a stand with the crowd even when you knew it wasn’t right? I get it. It’s tough to...
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Jessica’s Daily Affirmation has over 20 million views on YouTube, and features four year old Jessica declaring with positivity all the things she likes in her life. Her authenticity and ability to give herself a self-pep-talk has been encouragement and inspiration to others, which accounts for its incredible popularity.
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