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“Have you ever ignored the truth to fit in with the group?” That’s the question the show’s host asks us in this clip. “Have you ever ignored the truth…to fit in with the group?” In other words, have you ever taken a stand with the crowd even when you knew it wasn’t right? I get it. It’s tough to...
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Jessica’s Daily Affirmation has over 20 million views on YouTube, and features four year old Jessica declaring with positivity all the things she likes in her life. Her authenticity and ability to give herself a self-pep-talk has been encouragement and inspiration to others, which accounts for its incredible popularity.
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Main Point:  In a world where virtual options have caused physical church attendance to appear less necessary, what does it look like for a person to engage with the church in a way that will lead to genuine spiritual growth?The Discussion Starter: Comedian John Crist has risen to fame over the past several years thanks to his keen ability to...
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Main Point:  Our world often overly focuses on outward appearance and getting that perfect selfie, but God looks into our hearts and wants to see our hearts be the best part of who we are.The Discussion Starter:  Have you ever thought about how much we focus on our outward appearance? Everyone does to a degree or else nobody would...
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