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You cannot give what you don’t have. Eventually everyone runs dry, and the only way to continue doing ministry well is to keep filling the tank. Every youth pastor has been told at some point that...
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by Joel WilliamsonConfession:  After 16 years of youth ministry, I still get nauseous when I walk into a school cafeteria, and not because of the mystery meat. (Or at least, not only because of the mystery meat.) Am I cool enough?  Will they talk to me?  Will they reject me and shut me down?Rejected and ShutdownNot that its enjoyable...
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by Jonathan McKee“How can I become the best youth pastor possible?”Wow! Talk about your huge questions! I just received that exact question in an email. Well, actually, he asked…Can you please give me your best advice on how to become the best youth pastor possible? The students deserve the best and so I want to give it to them....
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by Jonathan McKeeSome youth workers aren’t very good at math.Let’s do a little simple math (stolen from my The Skinny on Volunteers book) about recruiting volunteers.If you lead a youth ministry and you take an honest look at the time you spend with teenagers each week, you could go out on the front lines and spend 20 hours a...
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