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Outdoor or indoor (lay tarp if inside). Similar to Bobbing for Apples, only with gummy worms in a kiddie swimming pool.Fill the kiddie pool with water. Add one bag of gummy worms, which will sink to the bottom.Have volunteers take turns at bobbing for the worms. The person who can get and keep the most worms in their mouth...
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5 games that all involve cereal: Snoot ShootThe youth shoot Trix, Kix, or Cocoa Puffs out of their noses. The team whose Puff goes the farthest wins. Chariots of Fire or Rocky theme adds cheesiness. Rice Krispy Marble DigFill a small swimming pool full of Rice Krispies & marbles. Add water (milk is better, use the powdered kind...
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You can use as many contestants as desired but it's best with an audience cheering them on. The contestants place a knee-high pantyhose stocking over their head and face(like a bank robber) and are given a banana. They race to see who can eat the banana through the nylon first. Have a camera ready!Added by Trish BarnhartSee Banana Barf...
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