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This one is for you crazy…I mean brave…youth leaders out there!Put a large plastic tarp down on the ground and ask for 8 volunteers (girls work best here). Tell them they are merely going to race across the tarp; fastest one wins.Line them up and say, “Ready, set, oh wait a minute! I forgot the most important part.” Have...
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If you want something fun to do that will involve your entire group, this game is perfect for you.Split your group into teams. Have each team designate one person to be the pumpkin. The other teammates smear peanut butter (or something else that is sticky) on their pumpkin’s face. Then they are given a vast assortment of candies/foods to...
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This upfront game works best if you choose 2-3 girls, preferably middle school aged. Have them come up front and show them the bag/bowl of goldfish, yes, real live goldfish! Tell them that they are about to walk through the Goldfish Gauntlet. Fastest time wins!On the floor, down front where everyone can see, have a plastic tarp spread out....
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