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Famous Quote Unscramble Challenge


Preparation: You are going to need to print out words found in the quotes below. Make sure you print two copies of the needed words and make them big enough so that the person on stage can see them.

Pick 1 student from each side of the room to compete against one another. The students in the audience will be given sheets of paper beforehand, and each sheet will have a word printed on it. At the beginning of the game, the audience holds their papers face down.

Each competitor will be given the beginning part of a famous quote. Their job is to complete the quote using the words from the audience. Players have to find the word in the audience then tag that audience member who will then come forward to the front of the stage. Once there, the competitor must put the words in proper order so the rest of the audience can read it. The first person with the correct answer in order wins a point. The player with the most points at the end of the game wins!

Sample Quotes:
1. To be or… (not to be).
2. It is better to give… (than to receive).
3. To infinity… (and beyond).
4. A penny saved is… (a penny earned).
5. It’s not over til… (the fat lady sings).
6. Early to bed, early to rise…(makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise).
7. Out of the abundance of the heart… (the mouth speaks).

NOTE: You will have to print off at least 2 copies of all the needed words (“penny,” “mouth,” etc). You will also probably want to print out words that are not needed at all. Regardless, make sure the words are printed as large as possible.

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