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Yolk’s On You, The: Leader vs. Student


Outdoor or indoor, this Upfront game can be used as a motivator for bringing the most friends, raising a certain amount for missions, or just for gross fun. Make sure to do it over a garbage can or a large tarp.

Bring a handful of students (ones who are good sports) up front.

Once students are up front tell them that they’re going to have a chance to crack a raw egg over the head of any leader they choose (warn leaders before hand) with no repercussions… other than the fact that they also have a chance of being the one egged.

You will need 6 raw eggs and 6 hard boiled eggs (or as many as you have students). Separate them and make sure you know which is which. Each student picks a leader to challenge. The MC of the game holds one of each egg in his hands (1 raw, 1 hardboiled) and lets them pick. The leader and student stand face to face and, on the count of three, smack the egg on its side on the forehead of the other person.

For a fun ending have two leaders or two married leaders go for it but, without them knowing, give them both raw eggs.

Also a great game at a retreat or early in the year as students are trying to get to know their leaders. Have fun and get cracking!

SAFETY NOTE: As with any game involving raw eggs, meat, or fish, sent participants to wash their hands right away! Provide towels for yoked up hair.

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