This gross game is played up front with 2-4 teams of 3 people each while the crowd watches. You’ll need one large tub of creamy peanut butter and several bags of mini-marshmallows. (If you have students allergic to peanuts, shaving cream is a good option, but you’ll need to use something other than marshmallows.)

One team member must smear peanut butter over their entire face. The other two team members will then throw mini-marshmallows at them. The throwers should stand 7-10 feet away and should not begin throwing until all teams are ready and the signal to start is given. After a designated time limit (3-5 minutes is best), teams must stop and have a leader count the number of marshmallows stuck to the peanut butter. The team with the most marshmallows wins.

Added by Nate Pena

See Attack of the Fish and Cheeto Face for variations of this game, both on the Up-front page.


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