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Trust Circle


MAIN POINT: To hold up the person in the middle and keep him safe from falling.

If you have lots of students, make groups of about 15. One player is chosen to be “it” first. A tight circle of players is formed, alternating physically strong and weak people. The person chosen to be “it” goes into the middle of the circle and crosses his arms across his chest.

The “it” stiffens and falls backward. The players in the circle work together to catch the person and pass him back and forth around the circle. The player in the middle must keep his feet together and near the middle of the circle for this to work well, and players in the circle generally grab the person who is “it” around the arms and shoulders. Each player is encouraged to have a turn.


  1. Players in the circle sit down, placing their feet around the ankles of the person in the middle. Sounds crazy, but it works.
  2. “Courage Camille” is a slight variation of this game in which only 3 players are required. Two of the players face each other and lock hands. The third person stiffens and falls backward into their arms. This should be done several times, with the person falling farther back each time (the players locking their hands should lower them each time). Other players can then try.
  3. “Courage Camille” can also be played with only one person catching.
  4. The person who is “it” wears a blindfold.

Comments: The players who are “catchers” should be careful as they pass the person around and catch him. In the “Courage Camille” variation, care should be taken that the two players who are acting as “catchers” are strong enough to hold the heaviest person participating.

The Point: Trust, faith, team building

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