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Hot Potatoes meets Tag meets WWF. Set up a circle of chairs of no less than 15 people, 2-4 people standing in the middle. Have 3-4 long socks with tennis balls in the end.

Those sitting in the circle toss the sockballs to each other (usually very hard throws) and try to keep those in the middle from catching them (more fun if you can bounce it off someone in the middle). If they catch it then the thrower goes in and the person in the middle sits down (even if it falls to the ground and is picked up).

The people in the middle can also tag any thrower who is holding the sockball and they have to switch (this keeps the pace up).

Good game for those nights when the high activity level is the best option.

Added by Collin Buckley

Also, see Sock Wars and Sock & Bop.


Jonathan McKee

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