For this game, you’ll need marshmallow blowguns made from 1-foot sections of 1-inch diameter PVC pipe (buy big lengths of it at a hardware store, not the small ones you can buy at carnivals and festivals), and plenty of s’more-sized marshmallows. You can do this game as an upfront competition or a game outside with everyone.

Load the marshmallow into the end of the pipe (the drier the marshmallow, the better – they’ll stick to the pipe if they’re soft) and blow. The trick is to blow on the end the marshmallow is on – let it travel the length of the tube – we had shots spanning upwards of 30 feet! Beware: after 2-3 shots, they get pretty gross.

We did a variety of target-related games and then a few moments of all-out marshmallow war. Good times!

Beware of choking. Before starting you may want to warn your students about choking hazards and that they need to be careful. They should inhale air before they put their mouth up to the gun.

Added by Owen Sallee

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