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Questions Under Fire!


MAIN POINT: It’s hard to focus on what matters when we surround ourselves with distractions.

Loud, fast, funny game w/a point! Choose 4 volunteers from 4 different grades. Bring them up one at a time to ask 14 questions (see below). Whichever contestant can answer 10 of them in 90 seconds wins (candy, pop, $1-5). They may “pass” as many times as they want and come back to a question later.

Where the audience comes in is as soon as you begin the questions, they can distract the contestant by yelling out random statements, answers, or noises. They can even get out of their seats and do goofy things as long as they don’t get in the person’s face or touch them.

Below are 4 sets of questions. You may switch questions around or make up your own. We suggest having easier questions for younger students on at least one list. Some of the questions have definite answers; some are random or silly.

1st contestant

    • What did Jesus call His followers? (Disciples)
    • How many lives do cats have? (1)
    • What letter comes after V? (W)
    • Is a snake a reptile or amphibian? (Reptile)
    • How many ounces in a gallon? (128)
    • What is the name of this Youth group?
    • How many stripes on the US flag? (13)
    • What shape is the earth? (Round/sphere)
    • What color are your eyes?
    • What is your neighbor’s address on the left?
    • What color is good milk? (White)
    • How many appendages do you have? (4-arms/legs)
    • What is Garfield’s owner’s name? (John)
    • What do you put on popcorn?

2nd contestant

    • How many ounces in a half gallon? (64)
    • How many disciples did Jesus have? (12)
    • What is 37 – 24 + 19? (32)
    • What is your mom’s middle name?
    • How many phalanges do you have? (20-fingers/toes)
    • What is your or your friend’s cell phone number?
    • What branch of military service mans submarines? (Navy)
    • What color is blue? (Blue)
    • How many stars are on the US flag? (50)
    • How do you make a tuna sandwich? (Any combination: bread, tuna, knife, mayo, relish)
    • When Moses parted the Red Sea, who were the Israelites escaping from? (Egyptian Army)
    • What US president died in June 2004? (Ronald Reagan)
    • How many wheels on a car? (4 – or 5 if including the spare)
    • On what does a rolling chair move? (Wheels)

3rd contestant

    • Say hello in Spanish. (Hola)
    • Which candle burns longer – pink or blue? (Neither; they both burn “shorter”-like all candles do)
    • How many megabytes does your computer have?
    • What does the acronym ASAP mean? (As soon as possible)
    • Eat a _______ a day to keep the doctor away? (Apple)
    • Rendezvous is French for what? (To meet)
    • Who sewed the first US flag? (Betsy Ross)
    • When King David danced in the buff, who got ticked? (Michael, his wife)
    • What size shoe do you wear?
    • What is the exact time?
    • What is perfect vision? (20/20)
    • Count from 10 backwards.
    • Who is the lead (senior) pastor at this church?
    • Give me a prime number between 1 and 10. (2, 3, 5, 7)

4th contestant

    • What show says, “Won’t you be my neighbor?” (Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood)
    • Count to 10 in any foreign language.
    • How many books in the Bible? (66)
    • What 3 colors are on the US flag? (Red, white, & blue)
    • What color is the stem of a red rose? (Green)
    • How do you get skunk smell off? (Tomato Juice)
    • How do you spell Mississippi without “i’s”? (“Mss ss pp” – also counts if they cover their eyes and spell it!
    • Which is bigger – a deer tick or a wood tick? (Wood tick)
    • Say the alphabet backward. (Z..y..x.. – also counts if they turn around a recite the alphabet!)
    • Who is your favorite youth pastor (leader)?
    • Which way do hands turn on a clock? (Clockwise)
    • What is 1800 in civilian time? (6:00 p.m.)
    • What is JVC? (a name brand of electronics or stereos; not junior varsity cheerleaders)
    • What is a Hemi? (Engine – high performance)

Alternate Questions:

    • What disease can you get from a deer tick? (Lyme disease)
    • What size shoe do you wear?

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