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Everyone gets a chair and forms a circle, everyone sitting in their chair and facing the center of the circle except for 5 guys and 5 girls who start the game. (They are in the middle, standing).

At a whistle all students in the center of the circle run to the people sitting in the chairs and “pull-up” a person of the opposite sex, by taking their hands and pulling them out of their chair. For example, a guy would go up to a girl, pull her out of her chair and then take her place. The girl can offer no resistance. She then runs to the other side of the circle, pulls a guy out of his chair, and takes his seat, and so on. This continues for one minute, the whistle blows, and everybody stops where they are.

The students left standing are counted. If there are 2 more girls than guys, the guys get 2 points, and the game goes on.

Every time a minute goes by, the whistle blows and those standing are counted. The idea is sort of a random “musical chairs,” boys against the girls. The team with the least left standing each time wins.

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